We were all born with a set of genes inherited from our parents who carried good and bad genes from their ancestors. There might be a family history of stroke, heart attacks, Diabetes, breast cancer, arthritis or thyroid disease but while this gives you an increased risk, you are able to avert these tendencies and switch off these genes with your diet choices. The images above show good and bad pictures, circulatory problems, thyroid imbalance, deficiencies, such as B12 or iron, magnesium, calcium, inflammation for example. Foods that cause weight loss in one blood type, cause weight gain in another.  Some foods cause insulin resistance or slow the thyroid down and others increase the toxic load and the risk of cancer. Exercise is highly beneficial for O blood type and…
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ESSENTIAL FATTY ACIDS : Essentially, these are omega 3 and omega 6 or alpha-linolenic and linoleic acid. Without these, cell membranes become hard and inflexible and valuable nutrients are unable to  penetrate the cell to do their job.  This can lead to chronic diseases. They are vital for brain health, nerve health, heart health, hormone synthesis, inflammation, allergies and much more. Without getting technical,  if you want to know which one to supplement with, here are some very simple tips : FLAXSEED OIL: This contains Omega 3 and Omega 6 and is your most cost effective way of supplementing with EFA's and your best choice if you are vegetarian. If you want to buy a supplement, look for an oil in a dark bottle and preferably a small bottle.  Light…
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