Live Blood Analysis

A live blood analysis entails pricking the finger and placing a drop of blood on a slide to look at under a darkfield microscope.

Here we will see evidence of poor assimilation of fats or proteins, low nutrients and immune response, increased clotting factors, imbalance in pH, inflammation, low oxygenation and much more.

Studying the dry blood further adds to any observations that need addressing, such as oxidative stress, loss of minerals, metals, heart conditions, bowel toxicity, reproductive problems, lymph congestion and vitamin deficiencies.

Advice on what foods to add or avoid will be given, along with suggestions on vitamin supplements or therapies will be suggested as well as referrals for further blood tests from a Path Lab if necessary.




Live blood showing red blood        cells and white blood cells.






Dry blood  showing heart and       circulatory issues with  possible arrythmia.

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